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You can book any course per term subject to availability.

Online Rise and Shine

Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

This course is designed to get your morning off in a real positive way in body, mind, and soul. Being organised, and prepared in the body and mind helps you organise your day to flow with more ease. Preparing your body with movement will reduce aching and stiffness throughout the day.

Online Monday Foundation

Schedule: Mondays at 6-7pm

This course focuses on all the Iyengar foundation poses to help you learn to understand your body and build strength and stamina. This course is suitable for beginners.
These poses are building blocks to help you progress in all areas of your health and wellbeing.

You will need a mat and it is useful to have a stool or chair, blanket, 4 yoga blocks and 2 yoga bricks.

Online Tuesday Yoga for the stiffer body

Schedule : Tuesdays at 09:30-10:30am

This course is designed for the stiffer person, and done at a slower pace.
Join me in the comfort of your own home to work on mobilising and strengthening your body, building a practice of Iyengar Yoga
You will need a mat and it is useful to have a stool or chair, blanket. If possible also blocks and yoga bricks.

1 review for Book Per Term – Online Class

  1. Alex

    13 years ago I walked into Janine’s class, a new mother, not confident about my body, wanting a space to find strength and stability. A place for me to nurture my body. Some time just for me. Little did I realise the profound impact this truly skilled teacher of yoga would have on my life. I have found strength and stability not only in my body, but in my breath, my mind and in my spirit. With Janine’s guidance and the friendship bonds of our community I have developed in ways I never thought possible. Gone is the person who really didn’t want to stand on her head because it all felt too difficult, gone is the person who couldn’t support her own body weight with her arms and who doubted she would ever be able to find the strength to develop. Of course, the doubter within is still there, still gets to me at times but my inner strength has been nurtured and is now there with me throughout my life, not just on my mat.
    If you are wondering if you should start, if you’re doubting if you can do it, if you’re curious, but not sure if it’s really for you, I urge you to just get to a class. Don’t worry what size or shape you are, man or woman, how old you are or what you’re wearing. There is no judgement here. What you will find is a nurturing space for you to safely challenge yourself to develop and grow under the guidance of an extremely skilled teacher. It has been my pleasure and privilege to be with Janine on her journey, to watch her grow as a teacher. I am grateful for her dedication to the development of her teaching and herself as a person, and for the integrity she brings to her work. I am so grateful I walked into her class on that Tuesday evening in September 2008.

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