Working with Injuries

It’s only when you injure yourself you realise just how much it impacts your movement and how you function daily. This can be a very daunting time and extremely frustrating. My Yoga journey started because of an injury after a car crash leaving me with back and neck issues. Along the way I have also experienced injuries while working up to new poses and assessments. Some injuries are outside of my mat in the Fitness world when I have been strength training, then more recently I’m now working with an injury after a Skiing holiday to celebrate my 10 years marriage. (Not quite the present I expected but memorable none the less!)

Each time I have worked with and injury it has given me a greater insight to my body and its capabilities. It has made me look at how my body has to adapt to that injury for a period of time, but most of all it has taught me to slow down and allow my body to heal. 

The healing process of your body is truly amazing however we need to respect it and allow time being patient. It’s important we stay health and look after our bodies if we want it to heal when it is sick or broken. There is one main element that interferes with our bodies function to heal itself, STRESS!  Emotional stress relationships, financial, worry, anger.  Structural stress acute injuries, scars tissue, chronic pain, excessive exercise, surgery.   Biochemical Stress illness, infection, toxicity overload, hormone cycles, digestive disorders.  Energetic Stress poor sleep quality and quantity , computer over use, mobile phones usage. 

These accumulations of stressors affect the ability for your body to heal, as we allow these stressors to continue our body goes in to more pain and discomfort and frustration.  Your symptoms will continue and you feel down. 

So we need to stay on track by looking at how we can work on reducing theses stressors in our lives. How can we clear out unwanted thoughts and feelings, take less time on phones and computers, how can we create better relationships and communication better?   How can we eat better? What we eat creates the cells to repair so you might want to take a close look at what you are putting in your body. 

You already have it all at your fingertips if you are practising yoga. As you progress in your yoga asanas we are building strength and stamina of body, mind and all the systems within it. It is our job off our mat to feed our body with nourishing foods that help build good healthy cells. It’s also our job to plan in some downtime from our phones and computers and  time to connect with people through conversation and listening or even time  for yourself to read, relax and let go. 

If all this seems too much we can support you along your journey to improving your life.  We have our regular yoga asana courses, Monthly Meditation nights to give you time to create space. Our Philosophy days are a fantastic insight to how implement simple things to change your life. Workshops and retreats to be able to go deeper into your body through asana and connect with your breath, there is  so much more to come on our wellness side too. 

Look out for our wellness days and appointments which include Reiki, Indian head and sound healing to name a few. 

So 6 weeks in my boot cast but I’m feeling good due to being able to keep my connection to the yoga path. 

See you on a mat soon.