Yoga Principals Outside Your Mat

Taking the yoga principals outside your mat, 
As you know my new website has been a very long journey, it started way back in 2017. I began work on it with my web guy and we moved quite quickly forward. However something kept blocking me, it never seemed to get to where I wanted it, so onwards I would plod trying to pull together in words and pictures everything I needed and wanted from my website to make yours and my journey easier. Last year I spent the 13 weeks on a course with a mentor understanding more about websites and booking systems thinking this is amazing in 13 weeks time I’ll have nailed it and have a new website. I went through some of the points raised and felt empowered. I got professional photos done, I researched booking systems I even started to write my content. I got the new site where I thought I wanted it and got a few trusted clients and friends together to get feedback , I was ready to launch it! This was a very valuable lesson on going with your gut feelings. The feedback was positive however  some of the points raised where also the same points I had doubts about. This is when I felt it was time to step back and not launch. I gave myself some space and time to think. I revisited the work the mentor gave to me,  I have done some of it but was no where near doing all of it. 

Then it hit me…Just like Iyengar talks about alignment I realised I wasn’t aligning myself and my business which is why I kept having these blocks these gut feeling of frustration. I also noticed I’d expected far to much in terms of results on 13 weeks. I was constantly comparing myself to others and their websites. The one thing the mentor said  which spoke volumes to me was “detach yourself from what is not necessary” now where I have I heard that before?  Yes in the yoga Philosophies deep routed in The Yoga sutras of Patanjali. I was allowing myself to be influenced by other instead of staying aligned to my beliefs and what my values are for my business and clients.  

This is where I had to go into the pit as my son would say and work my way out. I had to get back aligned with why I started The Yoga Place North. I detached myself from following others on social media and ceased to compare myself as they are not me, they do not share the same passion or vision of what I wanted to do.  Once i’d got rid of all the distractions I remembered why I do what I do. This is all laid out in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjalii. He talks about the many distractions that pull us off the right path, Greed, Jealousy, anger, lack of knowledge, ego. Once we let go of all this and step back we start to see clearly again and return to who we are and our purpose. 

This is when I started to really flow again, and as a result people started to enter my life that had different experience in the area I needed. I drafted in those people to help me in all areas I had a lack of knowledge. I also realised that money was energy to get things done and although I don’t have lots of it used in the right way with the right intentions it can provide me with what is needed.   

I am so grateful for the lessons I’ve had during this time of change for me and my business. I call it a business purely as it involves a transaction of differing kinds, its more like my passion!

Here we are now new website launched and I am really hope you enjoy it. If you would like to know more about the philosophies of life and yoga then take a look at our Philosophy courses. Do you want to live a stress free life and find happiness? This is the course for you. Check out the Wellness courses section to find out more.