Embracing yoga principles and practises, to help change peoples lives on and off the mat

Create balance stability and freedom in your body and life!

Building good foundations

Creating a clearer mindset

Life on and off the mat

Transforming your health and wellbeing

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This community is perfect for you if you have been wanting to change your habits that cause physical and mental pain but don’t know how to go about it.  Whether you’re taking your first steps, stretches, and poses, or a yoga enthusiast continuing your journey, I will help you on this physical and mental pathway to wellbeing. 

As we are all given this experience of life within this body, I believe it’s important to allow time to nurture and heal ourselves. Respecting our body by maintaining and strengthening the physical structure along with the energetic body which holds us present in this time. Living a life of purpose and happiness with a calm mind, steady body, and a heart that is open.

The choices we make in life are impacted by our 5 senses and can lead us to unhealthy habits on a daily basis. Our past experiences our jobs and social activities all make a deeper impression and further impact how we live our lives in this physical body.

You would never build your dream house on poor foundations so why build your dream life on a body and mind that is unstable? Instead of being a human doing all the time, it’s time to be a human being… being more aware and connected with yourself to make wiser choices in how you move through your life!

I offer both in-person and virtual classes, to people of all ages and abilities so join me on a pathway to health and wellness in a culture of holistic wellbeing.

Ways we can work together

The distinguishing factor that makes Iyengar different to other forms of yoga is the high level of attention paid to alignment. The immediate benefits of Iyengar are a more heightened awareness of your body, strength, stamina and flexibility which will all combine to improve your physical health.

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Learning how to Meditate is part of the yoga journey and so there is a designated class available to explain the benefits. This aspect of yoga will help to release stress in both the physical body and more importantly, in the mind. Explaining the process of nature provides a deeper understanding of why we do what we do and will introduce coping mechanisms for a more healthy lifestyle.

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Usui reiki is a healing technique which is safe, gentle and non-intrusive. It can be used to treat physical ailments through massage, manipulation or pressure points and therefore balance, heal and harmonise the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual self. It can also be used to encourage spiritual growth – promoting balance, harmony and wellbeing.

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Embark on a 12-week transformation journey! We will be looking at where you are currently, where you want to grow, to change habits, daily routines and thinking patterns so you can live a life of ease, contentment and purpose. Namaste.

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I have a fabulous free Facebook group  for my community where you will receive:

  • Regular Lives in the group
  • Weekly guided meditations
  • Yoga asana support
  • Guest expert speakers
  • Newsletter to keep you up to date
  • Journal prompts
  • Q & A to help you develop on your journey

Join My Soul Transformation Tribe

Work with me

Available in both online and studio


Access all online classes.
£ 80 Monthly
  • All online classes, 5 per week
  • A beautiful community who choose to support and cheer each other on in our Members group Atman on Facebook
  • Access to our Yoga lovers library to continue your home practise on demand.
  • Members discount on Reiki and personal coaching.
  • Access to our educational Community Soul Transformation Tribe on Facebook with weekly meditations.

Yoga Lounge

Flexibility to join any 2 online classes per week.
£ 53
  • 2 Online classes per week
  • Rise and Shine 6:30-7:30am Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Monday Foundation 6-7pm
  • Tuesday For the Stiffer Body 9:30-10:30am
  • Members discount on Reiki, personal coaching.
  • Access to our members Atman group on Facebook for further support

Yoga Alchemist

Premium in-person class
£ 60
  • You get 2 classes for the price of 1 making it a cheaper option than paying per term.
  • Class numbers are low so you benefit for more personal attention, and feel safe and in a COVID compliant venue.
  • Members discount on Reiki, personal coaching.
  • Access to our member group Atman on Facebook for further support.

Book Per Term

Subject to availability
Relative to weeks in the term
  • You can book any course per term subject to availability.
  • This option is for those wanting to pay just for a term at a time.

    A yoga term is usually 5-7 weeks long.

in Person

Space to recharge.
£ 60 Per session
  • Available in single session
  • Or discounted pack of 3 sessions
  • Recharge & relax

Personal Coaching

Time to help yourself further.
£ 60 Per session
  • Available in single session
  • Or discounted pack of 3 sessions
  • Invest in yourself

Wellbeing Weekend

Reconnect back to yourself.
£ 325 Start from
  • Options for single and sharing rooms
  • Payment plan on request
  • Friday -Sunday

Yoga Lover's Library

Perfect to dip into.
£ 12
  • A home practise on demand
  • A Monthly Subscription
  • In your own time


Janine is also a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association UK www.iyengaryoga.org.uk & Manchester Iyengar Yoga institute www.mdiiy.org.uk. and regularly attends classes for teachers to keep up to date. Iyengar Yoga high teaching standards are part of the reason why Iyengar Yoga is the most widely performed method of yoga worldwide. The Certification Mark is the guarantee of this quality.



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